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A relaxing bird-flinging puzzle game!Fling birds with the slingshot, and topple towers lớn solve sầu puzzles & rescue adorable Hatchlings in this casual & easygoing slingshot game. Relax và unwind with the most fun and approachable Angry Birds game yet! Unite fireflies with their soulmates and solve many other dynamic puzzles.Features:• Easy to lớn piông xã up and play anytime!• Solve sầu relaxing & fun puzzles!• Play hundreds of exciting levels!• Casual fun in every level!• Complete levels to lớn collect coins and win great rewards!• Play with all of the classic Angry Birds characters - and new ones!• Explore exotic locations on a grvà adventure!• Follow the unfolding story of the Egg Wonders!Need some help? Visit our support pages or skết thúc us a message at support
rovio.comAngry Birds Journey is completely không lấy phí to play, but there are optional in-phầm mềm purchases available.Terms of Use: Policy:

The journey continues! We’ve sầu been busy cooking up some awesome updates for your Bird Flinging needs: - trò chơi is now available in 14 languages! Merhaba! Hola! こんにちは! - Now, with Global/Local Leaderboards, everyone will know who is the best of the best! - A very special episode of Sleepy Meadows is coming on Dec 20th... Episode 4! - Are you ready? A new world is coming on Jan 17th. Enjoy your journey in this beautiful hot spring: Sacred Springs!

Love sầu the new Game!

This game is perfect for my family! My husband and oldest son all have the Angry Birds 2 Game và we will all play the Clan Battles together. However my youngest son is just too young to lớn play but now with this new game Angry Birds Casual we have sầu hlặng play that game while we are all playing the other. But I have sầu lớn admit I ended up enjoying the game so much I had lớn add it to lớn my phone as well. One thing I think would be nice though is the option khổng lồ trả lời a level. Maybe like the AB2 game bản đồ where you can go baông xã to lớn levels I have already played. That way if the levels start to lớn get too hard my son as the option khổng lồ go baông xã a replay the easier ones. Oh & the option to release a bird you started to lớn fling. Other than that so far I absolutely love the new casual, fun, & relaxing addition khổng lồ the Angry Birds Family. Thank you guys!

Garbage with way too many glitches

So I played the proto game for a year before they released the fully “completed” version. At least the beta version was playable. The full release is not. You cannot collect your festival rewards (collect button doesn’t work... you have khổng lồ fully cthất bại và reopen the game khổng lồ get past the frozen collect reward button to lớn play on). Balloons get stuck in the terrain and no amount of birds will dislodge them so you thảm bại the màn chơi và all of your progress. The fireflies are confused by terrain & refuse khổng lồ find each other despite only a hill or floating ground (no blocks) separating them so, AGAIN, you thua the cấp độ và your progress. And then there was the glitch where there was only ONE firefly who just sat there because there was no one there to lớn make a love sầu connection with... ALL of the blocks had already been broken so it’s not lượt thích the second fly was hiding under a pile of rubble. Yet again this leads khổng lồ the loss of the cấp độ & all progress. There are other obnoxious glitches but I’m not going khổng lồ waste further time listing all of them. After a year playing the beta version I’m now deleting the game altogether since the full release is not playable. I’m damned tired of rich companies churning out garbage. Why the heông xã don’t they just release the original angry birds on the App Store? So stupid that we’re forced lớn choose from these “advanced” versions of the game that have sầu been poorly vetted prior lớn release.

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Fun becomes frustrating very quickly

I’m going to lớn refrain from using any kind of retrospective sầu context about original AB games and just judge this one on its own, for what it is.This game is a lot of things. “Balanced” is not one of them. It’s addictive sầu & satisfying to lớn knoông chồng down towers, but some of the later game mechanics just become frustratingly difficult to manage. I get that games are supposed to lớn become more challenging as you get through them, but this one kicks it up in so many notches in so short a curve sầu that it becomes really not fun to lớn play. When they introduce new bloông chồng types that are extremely unpredictable và start combining all different kinds of puzzles inlớn one screen, while simultaneously nerfing your ammo, và then take inlớn tài khoản the fact that the bird types are randomized on each cấp độ, you get something thats designed khổng lồ push you inkhổng lồ spending your own money on extra chances to lớn finish a cấp độ. I hate games that are designed this way, especially when it starts out so unassuming & fun. There’s no ads interrupting your gameplay, which makes me want to play it more, but after about 150 levels it just gets way too frustrating to lớn sink my time into lớn.Do yourself a favor. Play for a little bit, then uninstall it & go read a book. It’s a good short term experience, but a bad hobby.

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