Ghost In The Shell: Sac 2Nd Gig

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The year is 2030. Six months passed since the Laughing Man Incident was solved. About 3 million refugees are living in Japan, invited khổng lồ fill the labor shortage. However, the emergent presence of the invited-refugees intensified their confrontation with the "Individualists", who called for national isolation, which then led lớn the increased incidences of terrorist attacks. Under these circumstances, a terrorist group called the Individual Eleven carries out a suicide attaông xã. But there was a greater scheme behind their action. When Section 9 learns this, they attempt lớn nail down the mastermind of the incident. Meanwhile, Kuze, a surviving member of the Individual Eleven, becomes a charismatic leader of the invited-refugees và intensifies the confrontation against the government. And Motoko starts feeling a strange sense of fate connecting her with Kuze...

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Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven - Trailer
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Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG - Individual Eleven Imdb rate: 8.4 Imdb votes: 2,830 Year: 2006 Language: Japanese Genre: Animation, kích hoạt, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi Country: nhật bản Director: Kenji Kamiyama Writers: Kenji Kamiyama, Shirow Masamune (manga) Actors: Alison Matthews Russell Roberts David Kaye Trevor DevallAwards: N/A