So Murasakibara got stronger than the high praised man with the body of a god just because he plays serios? I think that's too much. And I think we won't see Midorima in Zone. Maybe Zone 2 because Kuroko comes in.

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My whole friend group plays basketball. However, I have a friend who is 6'7" & actually plays college basketball. I guess what I'm trying khổng lồ say is that when he plays with us he doesn't even go một nửa. I think lượt thích Murasakibara, when he plays at people his own level, he can play at 100% without the fear of hurting one of his friends/other people that are just playing piông chồng up.

When I see him play with us, hes still amazing, when I see him play against people in college, I always think "wow, he would totally destroy us if he tried lượt thích that"

If you haven't read the chapter:

Weird. I wonder if we're going khổng lồ see Extra trò chơi finish without Midorima entering the Zone. In the previous chapter, I already kind of got the impression that his arc was coming lớn a close, but I wonder if that's really it for hyên. Seems lượt thích it would be weird to over the series with a single GoM thành viên unable to lớn enter the Zone.

So Murasakibara never gave sầu 100%? That's kind of cool but at the same time it seems lượt thích the author couldn't figure out how lớn power hlặng up.

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I think it's more that he couldn't bring out 100% of his physical strength because he would hurt the much smaller bodies of the other players. Silver is physically as strong as Murasakibara so he doesn't have to lớn worry about putting his full force inlớn every move sầu. During the winter cup he was still bringing out 100% of his basketball skills but holding baông xã his physical strength so as to not injure anyone

I'm kinda wondering why murasakibara didn't get into lớn the zone, I guess he just got injured before he could reach it.

Kagamày và Aomine are starting lớn make me mad, Aomine is doing jaông chồng shit (as he has for most of this game) except getting the ball stolen and Kagami is making a bunch of stupid mistakes lượt thích fouling Nash. (Not to lớn mention missing mad baskets in the previous chapters)

Even Murasakibara with a broken wrist or limp bodied Kise is better on the court than Kagamày và Aomine at this point who are actively detrimental to the team.

I always knew murasakibara could take on silver one on one based on what Akashi said in I think the third chapter about not being able khổng lồ hyên on "yet". Now that murasakibara has technique, which is something silver who doses't practice and won't bother to lớn learn any will obviously destroy silver since their strength & kích thước isn't that far off. Silver is only 1 inch taller than murasakibara.


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