Live Stream Facebook Trên Windows Phone

Facebook launched its live sầu streaming service in August of 2015. At first, it was only available to select celebrities and verified profiles. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was among mỏi the first people ever khổng lồ stream live on Facebook using his phone. Five sầu months later, in January 2016, Facebook opened up the feature lớn all Facebook tiện ích users. Now, anyone using their Smartphone device & the Facebook application can stream live khổng lồ Facebook.

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The easiest way to stream lớn Facebook Live is using the Facebook App on your Phone – but it"s not necessarily the best way. In June, 2016, Facebook announced the "Live sầu API" which allowed any authorized 3rd các buổi party company, site or service khổng lồ stream live nội dung to Facebook. and Wirecast were among muốn the very first launch partners for this service and we"ve been closely working with Facebook lớn put their robust live API khổng lồ good use ever since.

Using a live streaming production và encoding software lượt thích Wirecast can greatly increase the quality of your live sầu streams lớn Facebook. You no longer have to depkết thúc on a shaky, single camera angle from your phone. Now you can use multiple, professional cameras, microphones, titles, graphics & other truyền thông sources in your broadcasts.

If you are using Wirecast we"ve made it as easy as possible to lớn stream khổng lồ your Facebook pages, profiles, groups or events.

If you"d lượt thích lớn watch a quiông xã đoạn phim on how khổng lồ vày it, please watch the video clip here.


Otherwise, read the rest of this website page và follow the step-by-step guide as we show you how lớn stream to lớn Facebook Live sầu using Wirecast.

If you’ve sầu NEVER used Wirecast before, we’d recommend you start with this basic video tutorial series:

If you prefer khổng lồ have sầu written instructions, there is also an excellent không lấy phí tutorial that takes about 15 minutes to lớn complete.

And as a general reference, all the screenshots in this tutorial are placed next lớn the step that refers to them. So, you can read each step và see a reference image khổng lồ help keep you on traông xã.

Start the How-to-Stream Tutorial


Make sure you have at least 4-5Mbps upload tốc độ.

This is the single most important part of live streaming. If your upload bandwidth is insufficient, it’s a non-starter. Do not pass go, bởi not collect 200 likes. And remember it"s the upload tốc độ, not the tải về that matters. You could have a blazing fast 200Mbps tải về tốc độ, but if your upload speed is below 4Mbps you won’t be able to live stream. Run a speedtest using or from the computer (& location) that you intkết thúc lớn live stream from. In fact, run several tests & repeat them. If you can’t get a consistent 4-5Mbps+ upload tốc độ, then you can’t stream khổng lồ Facebook Live sầu – at least not well, and not consistently. (In that sự kiện, you should just use your phone & the Facebook App for now.)

Step 1

Get your nội dung ready.

mở cửa Wirecast and configure your shots, cameras, sources và titles in the way you want them. Use the tutorials mentioned previously if you don’t know how lớn use Wirecast. Although it’s no substitute for the tutorials, this excellent Quichồng Start Video can give sầu you a very good overview on how to setup a new Wirecast project.

Step 2

Select Your Destination.

As with any other output destination in Wirecast (Youtube Live, Ustream, Twitch, record to lớn MP4, etc.) you’ll find the Facebook Live sầu destination in the "Output đầu ra Settings" dialogue. To access this dialogue navigate to the thực đơn bar and select "Output" & choose "Output Settings." You can also just use the keyboard shortcut "Commvà Y."

Step 3

Choose Facebook as your destination.

If you haven’t previously added any destinations, Wirecast will ask you to select an output destination. From the destination dropdown choose "Facebook Live." You’ll notice that mạng internet streaming destinations (Youtube, Facebook Live, etc.) are organized in alphabetical order. If Facebook doesn’t appear on your danh mục of destinations, then choose the "More" button next lớn the dropdown và it should appear on the more expansive sầu danh sách that it provides. You need to lớn be using Wirecast 6.0.7 or later to lớn see Facebook on the destination các mục.

Step 4

Login to your Facebook Account.

Next, the Output Settings dialogue will appear in all its glory. You don’t HAVE khổng lồ enter a name for this destination, it’s perfectly acceptable lớn leave sầu it as "Not Configured," but if you plan on using this document a lot, or adding other output destinations, then you’ll probably want khổng lồ name it something memorable.

Cliông xã the "Authenticate" button và enter your user name & password for your Facebook account. If you plan on using this trương mục regularly for live streaming, you may want khổng lồ check the "Keep me logged in khổng lồ Wirecast" box above the Login button.

If you"ve sầu logged in correctly, you should see your Facebook username appear in the Wirecast đầu ra Settings dialogue.

Step 5

Enter a Title and Description & Choose Where lớn Stream.

Keep your title as short as possible & be descriptive. Titles will not be displayed when the live sầu stream appears on your Facebook feed. They only appear in your videos page when a viewer clicks lớn watch the stream in full-screen.

The first sentence or two of your mô tả tìm kiếm is, in a sense, even more important than your title. This is because it DOES appear above sầu the đoạn Clip in your feed, & is the first text any other Facebook users will see when being exposed to your live sầu stream. Having a sentence or two at the top that acts as a heading or sub-heading is a good way lớn start your descriptions.

Now choose the Page, Group or Event you would lượt thích khổng lồ stream live lớn using the dropdown box below the "Post To" section. If you have a Verified Page (a page with a Blue Checkmark) you can use additional features lượt thích the "With" field which allows you to stream sponsored or branded nội dung to lớn Facebook Live.

Step 6

Set Your Privacy và (Optional) Enter Your Location.

Your Privacy, by default, is phối lớn public. But you can restrict your broadcasts to lớn be available only to lớn your friends or lớn yourself.

You don’t have to enter a location in the "Place" field. But if you bởi, the possible advantage is that this will allow your broadcast lớn appear on the Facebook Live Map. It is not guaranteed that all broadcasts will appear on the map, only Facebook knows the secret rules that govern that, but tagging a location for your broadcast increases your odds. The live bản đồ is one place that new or random viewers can discover your broadcast.

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The danh mục is smart (predictive) so it will find locations that other Facebook users have already tagged. But you can enter entirely new places if there are no matches.

Step 7

Choose Your Stream Type.

You can choose between a "Regular" stream type or a "Continuous" stream type. The difference is in the amount of time Facebook allows you khổng lồ stream, & whether or not the stream is recorded on Facebook and available for on-dem& viewing later.

"Regular" means you want Facebook lớn record the broadcast, and that you vì chưng not plan to stream longer than 4 hours consecutively.

"Continous" means you want to stream for an unlimited amount of time, but your broadcast will not be recorded for on-demand viewing. This is good for doing things like traffic cams, wildlife cams, etc.

Step 8

Encoding Settings.

I skipped this option above, because I didn’t want lớn start off with something as complex as encoding settings for a basic tutorial lượt thích this. And, in fact, the default settings should work very well assuming your computer has at least a quad-core processor.

If you don’t know what "quad core" means in relation khổng lồ computers or why that matters with Wirecast, you should probably watch this đoạn Clip. We cover Frequently Asked Questions, including what computer to lớn use with Wirecast. On another note, if you don’t know what "encoding" means in relation to đoạn phim and audio or live sầu streaming, you probably will want khổng lồ read this article.

Although you don’t necessarily need lớn change anything, we"ll discuss it now, so you have an idea of what the settings vày và how they work.

Facebook is quite strict on the kích cỡ & quality settings of any live sầu Clip you stream to lớn the site via the Live API. They only allow (or recommend) 7đôi mươi HD đoạn phim in either 30 frames or 60 frames per second.

By mặc định, Wirecast will limit you khổng lồ Facebook’s preferred settings. Depending on the hardware in your computer you will see between 2 & 6 different encoding options based on these settings. In the screenshot here, you can see that I chose between "x264" & "Apple H.264." On Windows, you might see "Quicksync" or "NVENC" in addition lớn "x264."

"x264" uses the computer’s Central Processing Unit (CPU) to lớn vì chưng all the encoding. This is sometimes called "software encoding." This generally allows the computer to make “smarter” decisions when choosing what information lớn include & what information to lớn get rid of when encoding your video clip stream and allows it khổng lồ maintain the best quality:kích cỡ (bitrate) ratio.

"Apple H.264," "Quicksync" or "NVENC" use chips on your graphics thẻ, also known as your GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to encode & compress the Clip. You won’t see these options unless you have these chips in your computer. "Quicksync" is made by Intel & comes with many of its CPUs that have an integrated graphics card (on Macs it’s called "Apple H.264"). NVENC is made by NVIDIA and will be available if you have a NVIDIA graphics card installed in your computer. This is called "hardware encoding" or "GPU-Accelerated encoding."

Using hardware encoding, when available, is generally a good idea as it will không lấy phí up your CPU for other tasks. The main tradeoff is that the bitrate will be higher and the quality might not be as good — although it’s rarely a noticeable difference. If you are streaming dynamic, fast-moving content with multiple effects or scene changes then you might want lớn compare the hardware encoded chất lượng against the software encoded unique for best results. If you have CPU cores to lớn spare và your minimal bandwidth is important to you, then software encoding may be the way to go; however, for most streaming scenargame ios, hardware encoding is more than sufficient.

Not all hardware encoding options allow more than one thing to lớn use them at the same time. So if you use hardware for Facebook Live sầu 720p encoding, you might not also be able to also use it for recording khổng lồ disk, for example. If you vì chưng plan on recording a local copy of your content, especially if it"s in HD 1080p, you may want lớn save sầu your hardware encoding option for that (see Step 10, below) & not use it for the smaller Facebook 720p encoding.

Click the "Create" button.

Once you have sầu all your other settings in place, you can cliông xã "Create." This will send all the information you entered lớn Facebook và get your live stream ready to start. If all goes well, Facebook will return an RTMP. address at the bottom of the Output đầu ra Settings window.

Please note the warning. You should cliông chồng "create" every time you change ANYTHING.

Also, if you so choose, you can enter a "Stream Delay." This will create a "buffer" on your computer that will add more delay between when something happens and when your audience finally sees it on Facebook. 99% of the time this is unnecessary, và will just use more computer resources. Facebook already has an inherent delay of between 5 to lớn 10 seconds so adding more is usually not needed.

Set up a Recording (optional) and Cliông xã OK.

If you are not doing a continuous stream type, Facebook will record up khổng lồ 4 hours of your nội dung. But you may want lớn record a local copy for later use or for upload to lớn Youtube, etc. There have also been reports of a bug where Facebook users haven’t been able to get an HD version of their videos downloaded from their Facebook video manager, just SD versions.

If you vị want lớn record a local copy, Cliông xã the "Add" button on the bottom left of the đầu ra Settings. Then, choose "Record to lớn Disk – MP4" from the destination dropdown.

We don’t recommover recording in MOV unless you have sầu a ridiculously large amount of storage, your broadcasts are extremely short, or you need to edit in Premiere or Final Cut Pro afterward.

The process of setting up a recording is very similar to lớn what you’ve done above. Select an encoding size/unique (here you have many more options, but you can stichồng with defaults if you want to lớn be safe).

Choose a location where you want khổng lồ save your MP4 tệp tin và give it a name. There are some auto-naming options you can use if you lượt thích.

Save & Stream (và Record).

We highly recommkết thúc you save sầu your Wirecast document at this point. Wirecast has crash recovery, but it never hurts khổng lồ be safe. If you’re really paranoid, you’ll save sầu your document, then duplicate it & store the copy on another device.

Once you’ve saved it’s time lớn begin your live sầu production. Clichồng the "Record" button at the top of Wirecast. This will start your recording (if you added one).

Then click "Stream" và you will begin streaming to lớn Facebook — it"s time to lớn smile!

Make sure your frame rate stays solid and your system CPU remains at or below 70%. If either of those are fluctuating too much it means your system is probably not powerful enough to lớn handle what you are asking it khổng lồ bởi vì.

Another great place to lớn get detailed information on how your streams are performing is the Output đầu ra Statistics window. If you navigate lớn "Output > Show Statistics" you"ll get much more of the information Wirecast has to offer in a handy real-time graph. You can even graph your viewers!

Now you know how lớn stream to Facebook Live using Wirecast. In our opinion, Wirecast is hands-down the best way lớn stream to lớn Facebook Live sầu since it offers the best possible integration with the Facebook Live sầu API of any solution.