Dedicated server version 1

Lathử nghiệm version - The Deluge v1.010 for Warb& v1.168 or newer (11.11.2017)Download The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at MODDB)orDownload The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at NexusMods)orDownload The Deluge 1.010 installer (261MB at GoogleDrive)orDownload The Deluge 1.010 zip archive (333MB at GoogleDrive)orDownload The Deluge from Steam WorkshopDedicated hệ thống files:Download The Deluge 1.010 dedicated hệ thống files (133MB at GoogleDrive)Impotant notes (for hosting dedics):Please kiểm tra the "TheDeluge_dedic_commands.txt" tệp tin lớn learn new dedicated hệ thống commands.Version 1.010 changelog:
General:- redid the UI for wider screens (16:9) và applied some fixes- added complete polish translation- added better version compatibility checks for safety reasons- tons of fixes in names & texts (wrong names, typos, added missing texts etc.)- added 9 new maps- many small changes and fixes on old maps- added new clan banners- added moveable barrels of gunpowder, which explode when ignited or shot at ("spr_blackpowder_barrel")- added new explosion effects & sounds- added prop functionality to lớn some doors using VAR parameters (setting hp in scene editor, adding damage filter)- cannon ammo amount is now stored properly when packing/unpacking and transporting- nerfed grapeshot cannon ammo- AI should no longer be using broken melee weapons if they have sầu undamaged weapons- AI hussars will switch lớn swords when dismounted or being dehorsed- fixed turkish-only music trachồng plaing also for other factions- added few modular scene props- fixed a bug allowing to lớn start bracing pikes during a jump- fixed a bug allowing lớn "hide" an attaông chồng with X "charge" animation- fixed personal/squad banner changing itself when dropping/picking-up- fixed polls for bot number not working sometimes- "reduce static mist" hack option replaced with "remove sầu static mist"- fixed sound of circling buzzards being too frequent and annoying- pallisade and wood wall heaps are now correctly rephối on round change, fixed missing use-texts- fixed wrong HP. on some doors after round change- fixed bug with cannons being impossible lớn repair if they were left destroyed in previous roundAdmin stuff:- finished adding Admin Panel hints (also in polish)- "Organized Battles" admin option now also allows to use special troops (engineers, generals...) in deathmatch & team deatchmatch modes- added admin panel option & dedicated VPS command lớn turn off/on troop limits- added admin panel option to lớn auto-remove sầu dropped banners- dropped banners can also be removed manually by admin using "removebanners" comm& in F9 console- fixed some F9 console commands not working properly- added "reset" F9 console command for remaining game types (Sea Battles and Invasion)Graphics:- edited many flora textures for full antialiasing tư vấn và better performance- fixed some minor problems with some textures- fixed semi-transparent bark on few trees- fixed squash_plant not disappearing during winter- fixed white texture bugs on scene props "stone_1" to lớn "stone_7" - fixed holes in hussar armors- tweaked most of player banners for better contrast-saturation- tweaked lightning colors during thunderstormstrò chơi Modes:- fixed broken spawns in Domination + added some tweaks và maps- Domination flags can no longer be pulled down by mounted units- added option to lớn use Native sầu bot commvà system instead of the new one- fixed some issues with Duels và Duel rankings Invasion:- player"s squad standard bearer now wields correct (player) banner- player bots now respawn during supply rounds (if player has enough money)- fixed players not getting gold for killing bots- fixed wrong bot type spawned in squad when player is Commonwealth"s Hajduk or Mercenary PikemanSea Battles:- fixed admin panel crashes- fixed spawns at wrong positions (in the water)- fixed a bug with all battle troops available after changing factions- fixed not being able to spawn after choosing canoneer troop- fixed musketeer and pikeman troops not getting armors or equipment- Lion Pinnace is now playable in captains mode- Full-Rigged Pinnace is now playable in captains mode- fixed ship availability depending on map in captains mode- improved camera controls while steering a ship (smoother movement for arrow keys, added mouse support)- new option in Mod Options lớn turn off mouse camera controls for Sea Battles (to lớn fix problems with game in windowed mode)- fixed models & collision meshes of some ships- added 3 more sea battle maps- fixed missing sound when cannoball hits a ship- fixed some player status indicators (eg. walking icon) not being shownTroops:- added all missing troop information on troop selection screen- added missing spyglass lớn Tatar"s Bey- Comtháng Tatar & Kazan Tatar have sầu only 1 javelin paông xã now- nerfed health of most of the Cossacks (-1 Ironflesh)- swedish national troops now have sầu proper swedish wams" instead of german ones- improved shooting skill & agility of Swedish Dragoons, Musketeers và Mercenary Musketeers- improved one-handed skill of Swedish Reiters and National Reiters- removed burgonets from Swedish national pikemen- added more Scotish outfits và armors to Swedish mercenary infantry- removed shield skill from all troops- added Rondartschier troop to Holy Roman Empire & removed shields from pikemen- removed two-handed swords from Imperial pikemen- removed tartan from Imperial musketeers- removed helmets và breastplates from Polish Reiters (making them light cavalry)- removed breastplates và shields from Polish pikemen- improved fighting skills and reduced shooting skill of Cossacks" Infantryman- improved shooting skill of Cossacks" Registered Infantryman- removed polerams from Cossacks" Registered Infantryman- improved Cossaông chồng Donskoy"s shooting accuracyItems:- fixed those random items which were bugged và causing issues- fixed basic hussar armor LOD colors- dropped, unlit grenades can now be picked up again- lowered price of blunderbuss - increased price of grenades- changed price of Muscotive sầu National Cavalry armors- lowered price of Deli shields- fixed a bug causing round not ending if someone was killed while holding a lit grenade- fixed a glitch with hiding grenade while throwing it- nerfed không lấy phí Reiter pistols- fixed parring daggers" text saying they can"t be used to block- adjusted some weapon speeds- broken long pikes can no longer be used while on horse- fixed wrong scabbard for combined sword-pistol- fixed granade launcher bugs