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Bạn đang xem: Beachhead 2000 on steam

a game by Digital Fusion
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 review
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 5 votes
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When you first play Beach Head 2000 and you find out it started life out as an arcade game it makes a whole lot of sense. This is a game that is not made to lớn make you think, it is a game that was made with making people keep pimping in quarters to an arcade machine. That has been the arcade formula for years so it is hard lớn be down on the game for that. However, did they make enough changes lớn make the trang chủ conversion worth your time?


Protecting The Beach!

The goal of the game is pretty simple. You are in a bunker và you are the last line of defense against invading forces on the beach. It is a very simple premise và one that is perfect for an arcade game. The premise is so solid that the sequel is the exact same thing! There is no ending or anything lượt thích that or any kind of story, you are a one-man army & that is that.

Standing And Shooting

The arcade machine of Beach Head 2000 uses a trackball. Here you use your mouse và it works very well in simulating a trackball so I give them credit for that. The game has you stuchồng in one spot and while you can look around you cannot actually move. You move sầu the mouse around the screen & shoot soldiers, tanks, choppers, và anything else that is coming your way. It starts off rather slow, but it eventually ramps up & you will die at some point.


Staying Alive

Shooting down enemies is very satisfying. The game on each stage has you needing to lớn survive so many waves of enemies. You just keep on going until you eventually die. It is all about getting as far as you can & getting the highest score possible. As an old school arcade bạn, I kind of dig this. However, for this home page version I feel that they could have sầu added an actual campaign or at the very least some kind of ending so that you have something to lớn progress khổng lồ.

You get a fun selection of weapons at the start of each wave sầu & it is up to lớn you how you use them. You can shoot these crate-like things to lớn get health và ammo so you have sầu khổng lồ make sure that you keep your eyes open for them. The game can be quite exciting in short blurts và it is igiảm giá if you want something quick to get into lớn.


I think that Beach Head 2000 is a fun arcade-style shooter. Yes, I will admit that the fun this game is offering is very, very shallow. However, sometimes you just want lớn shoot stuff và see it blow up và this game offers that. It is not the kind of game that you will play for hours on kết thúc. However, to lớn me, this is the kind of game you can fire up once & a while to lớn blow off some steam or even a bit of a “pallet cleanser” between other games.


Final Score


The action is fast và franticIt plays just lượt thích it did back in the arcadeThe mouse is a great substitute for a trackballYou have sầu plenty of powerful and awesome guns that you can useIt is good mindless fun


The game has no end at allThey never added much if anything new in bringing it home from the arcade


reggie posted a review
Overall rating: 7

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System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

The premise behind Beach Head 2000 seems simple at first. The player finds themselves operating a turret on a beach, with waves upon waves of enemies coming up from the shoreline. In order khổng lồ win, you need khổng lồ defeat them all.

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Underwhelming sound & graphics

The game is based off a much older game called Missile Commvà. If you ever played it and loved it, Beach Head 2000 will be right up your alley. If you need great sound and graphics to enjoy a game, you should skip Beach Head 2000. The graphics are pretty cheesy, and the sound doesn’t even work on all computers—you may need khổng lồ turn your 3D sound acceleration off in order to lớn make this game work. As terrible as the graphics và sound are, this is probably a good thing. There is nothing more khổng lồ the game than killing an enormous amount of people as efficiently as possible. If it were realistic, the game would be appalling rather than fun.

Skill based game

Beach Head 2000 is a skill based game that requires good hand-eye coordination and reflexes in order to lớn advance. The first few levels only throw a few barges & soldiers at you, as a sort of tutorial to help you work out the controls.The game is a first person perspective, placing you directly behind the turrets. The controls are a bit hard lớn get used khổng lồ. You’ll need lớn memorize the sounds of the different aircraft so you can know when your resupplies are coming, as well as lớn know what’s coming at you in terms of enemies.

Surprisingly addictive

With poor graphics, underwhelming sound, & controls that take some getting used to, it’s surprising how enjoyable the game is. Playing through the 50+ levels is highly addictive, & the longer you play the more challenging it gets. Towards the over you can have multiple different attacks from all different directions and the difficulty is insane. It takes true skill lớn beat it, & if you vày, you can be confident it wasn’t luck that got you there.

Like the predecessor of this game. Missile Commvà, the goal of this game is pretty straight forward, almost at the risk of being repetitive. Every level has the same goal, and you can’t really move or dodge the way you might in more modern games. Still, despite all the flaws with this game, it’s amazing how addictive it can be. Trying khổng lồ shoot down enemies from land, sea, and air all at the same time has a strange appeal.

On the flip side, this is also a game about nothing more than mowing people down. It’s great to keep you from being bored for a few hours, but you won’t be getting much more out of it than the challenge of defeating opponents on its own. At Beach Head 2000’s price point, it may be worth a play, but perhaps not a permanent place in your collection.