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Feed the Monster

It seems lượt thích you must have gotten into somebody’s good graces because a mysterious package has just shown up on your doorstep. What does it contain? An adorable little quái vật named Om Nom of course!

Just like anyone else in this world, the little guy has quite an appetite, & he needs your help in sating it. Tasty sugary treats hang on a variety of ropes just outside of his reach. It’s your job lớn guide them inlớn his waiting jaws.

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How can you pull off such a task? You must cut the ropes! Release the candy from its bindings, swing it from string to string, throw it in the air, and bring it straight to Om Nom. Keep your wits about you, and you’ll be rewarded with a very happy quái nhân. If you fail, then you must face the consequences of seeing his tear-jerking sad face.

A Rube Goldberg Puzzler

You would think feeding someone as adorable as Om Nom would be as simple as just putting a treat inkhổng lồ his mouth, but nothing is ever as easy as that in Cut the Rope. Getting hyên that candy is always going khổng lồ be an outrageous process. You can’t directly touch the candy after all. You must move sầu the treat by altering the environment, using gravity to your advantage, & utilizing the items scattered all over the world. Only then will you earn the affection of your pet.

Swing & cut the ropes when the time is right lớn bring the candy one step closer to Om Nom.Encase candy in a bubble lớn make it rise high in the air. Pop the bubble lớn drop it baông chồng down.Use a variety of air-blowing devices khổng lồ move sầu the candy in the right direction.Guide the treat into lớn the dotted circles to magically attach a new rope khổng lồ it.Bounce the candy on and off of bumpers like a pinball.Don’t drop the candy! Not even Om Nom will eat off the floor.

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Reach for the Stars!

Feeding Om Nom và making hyên ổn happy is the name of the game. However, that’s only the bare minimum. Every level is assigned a grade based on stars. If you want to get the best possible results, then you’ll have sầu to go the extra mile.

Move sầu the candy into lớn the three stars that are scattered around the cấp độ to lớn improve your rating.Be sure lớn feed Om Nom as well. Failure lớn vì chưng so resets the entire level, stars và all.Collect stars to lớn unlochồng bigger and more challenging levels.

Avoid the Obstacles

Gravity is a harsh mibức xúc, but she’s not the only thing working against you. Every level is riddled with all sorts of hazards. They may not pose any threat to lớn you or your new pet, but they will ensure that he goes hungry & becomes sad. Don’t let that happen!

Keep the candy away from the spikes! Otherwise, it will shatter inkhổng lồ a million pieces and Om Nom won’t get his treat.Beware of the spiders. They have sầu a taste for sugar as well và will crawl along the ropes you swing the candy from to lớn get it. Cut the ropes before they get that chance.Bubbles can be your enemies just as often as they are your friends. If a bubble floats off the screen with your candy in tow, then it will be lost forever.Stay away from electrical currents. Om Nom doesn’t have the taste for fried food.

Overloaded with Sweetness

With Cut the Rope, you will find one of the most charming and original puzzle games to ever come out in recent years. There is a lot of fun và quirky physics-based gameplay khổng lồ be had, the puzzles are challenging yet still intuitive, & the controls are highly immersive.

Most of all, everything is wrapped up with whimsical cartoon visuals, và Om Nom is just too đáng yêu for anyone lớn resist! Take hlặng with you on the Mobile device of your choice và cut the ropes today!


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