Gangstar new orleans openworld

Make name for yourself by stealing, robbing, or killing và miễn phí your brother kidnapped by other gang.

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Gangstar City is an action-adventure strategy game in line with the famous Gangstart game series from Gameloft. In this game, your mission is lớn take over the streets of L.A. by stealing, fighting, kidnapping, and recruiting gang members. Its an old game but a fun one for people who are fans of vintage style and retro games.

It’s not an all-out action game lượt thích Gangstar New Orleans or Gangstar Vegas, but a simulation-style game. In which you must build up your cash, XP.. points, và gems, lớn buy weapons, clothes, cars, và houses, and such. In this game, you can virtually rob any building & person that comes across.

Playing the Plot in Gangstar City

The game is mix in Los Angeles; the protagonist is Garcia, Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. and Gangstar: West Coast Hustle’s protagonist Pedro’s brother, who has recently escaped from Mexico. Pedro introduces Garcia khổng lồ Santa Monica upon the latter’s arrival & teaches him how khổng lồ persize actions.

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He then tells him that he is now going to lớn bởi some important work elsewhere, & advises hyên lớn meet Luis at the Crib. There are 4 types of missions referred to as “jobs” in-game. Stealth jobs, in which you have sầu lớn be as quiet as possible & not get caught. Fight jobs, in which you go bare-knuckle boxing style with or without using a weapon.

The come to lớn the Business jobs, that involve sầu Managing the Crib, và making cash from your properties và neighborhood under your control. Completing a certain number of missions increases the player’s reputation cấp độ in the district which is very important. There are 5 kinds of members who can be recruited. They can be assigned lớn protect buildings from enemy gangs’ assaults or assigned to lớn the Crew.

Thugs, the average type of members for normal street jobs. Bouncers, who have a high amount of defense points but a low of amount attack points can be good bodyguards. Brutes, who have sầu a high amount of attaông chồng points but a low amount of defense points. And Smugglers, who have a high skill cấp độ come in handy when dealing drugs.

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