Where can i download pokemon soul silver?

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a game by trò chơi Freak, & Creatures
Platform: DS
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Pokétháng SoulSilver version (v10) is part of a bundle of games designed lớn suck Pokémon fans bachồng into lớn the series after decades of the same old stuff. If you thought there was nothing more khổng lồ see or bởi vì in the Poketháng world and were going lớn sit this one out, you may want to lớn take a second look at this lakiểm tra version of an old favorite.

The game follows the same basic format of all past Pokétháng games. You’re still pursuing the dream of becoming the greademo Pokémon trainer in all the l&, & you still need to catch wild Pokétháng khổng lồ fill out your collection. “Gotta catch ‘em all” is the khẩu hiệu after all.

In this world though all the wild critters are Pokétháng though, so if you see movement in the bushes you’re up for a potential battle.

New addition to lớn an old favorite: The Pokewalker

At it’s core, Pokétháng Soulsilver is basically the same game as all past games, so why buy inkhổng lồ it if you’ve sầu already played the series? The answer is a new addition a little bit lượt thích Poketháng Go, but designed specifically for Pokémon Soulsilver. Thanks khổng lồ a new device a bit like a Tomagatchi of old, you can take your Pokétháng for a “walk.” The Pokewalker is a digital device you can take with you, and beam information about a specific Pokémon onto it. The pokewalker has a pedometer in it, which tracks the progress of your walk.

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By taking your pet out with you, even when you’re doing other things và not playing the game, you can earn things like levels (only one cấp độ per walk), items and watts. The Pokewalker is shaped like a Pokétháng ball with a digital screen that lets you see your tomagatbỏ ra lượt thích pet.

When you get bachồng the information from the pokewalker is beamed back into lớn your gaming device, và you’ll get to lớn see what you got from it. There’s even a xinh đẹp little journal documenting your walk và what happened in the adventure with your pet.

New mini-games added

The Pokewalker isn’t the only new và quality feature. There are also mini-games which allow for the use of a stylus, indicating they aren’t a rework of old games. The games are mix in an adventure called the Pokecathlon, which offers basic games that aren’t too innovative sầu, but vày tie into lớn the calendar & timezone of the world.The games also make use of Pokétháng Sprites, which trail behind you in the game.

Pokétháng has a special place in the hearts of many different gamers. While other games have sought to build up the same ferver that catching Pokétháng has, no other genre quite meets the same degree of excitement as catching wild Pokémon và adding them to lớn your collection.

While Pokétháng Soulsilver has the exact same questline as every other Pokétháng game, the new features it offers such as the Pokewalker make it worthwhile for even the most seasoned players to give sầu it a try.