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Samurai II: Vengeance Description

Samurai II: Vengeance is a more classic fighting game. Cold duel & endless killings, even if you will eventually fall! Draw a knife, waving, chopping off, returning lớn sheath, a series of simple action description, intuitive to lớn experience what is "cut."

trò chơi screen lớn comic style to lớn performance, ink style with the Japanese-style ancient architecture of the 3 chiều modeling so that the scene looks very delicate screen, the picture is very svào, light và dark màn chơi. Archaic buildings with the ground from time to lớn time with the imprint of the various colors plus wooden colored organs make people feel a strong sense of the times. The details of the game screen to lớn vày a good job, buckets, plants around the preparation, the leaves floating in the picture, cherry, water a little bit on the waves. Dynamic effects make the entire game scene lively & real, with the game on the ancient warrior music, so that players seem lớn have immersive sầu feeling.

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In addition lớn the story mode in addition lớn the game also added survival mode và points race mode, familiar with the plot mode in the operation và battle, the player"s will be able to continue your battle in these two modes. Survival mode players will face the overwhelming enemy, to be successfully stocked under the brave enemy offensive và try to lớn kill the enemy as much as possible.

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In point competition mode, the game will brush out the specified batch of enemies, the player will be a batch of battles with the enemy, until he died. The more enemies you kill, the more batches your enemies get. The more players earn points, the last players can upload credits to lớn your friends và even the world"s Samurai II: Vengeance players.

Presumably for players familiar with the game all know that the vengeance of the game and endless modes of expression are often a meaning, and of course this is no exception! Although it provides a simple, normal, difficult three modes, but the game there is no level! In the game arena, will continue khổng lồ pour out the enemy, your goal is to lớn survive sầu, but the only means is to lớn destroy all enemies in front of you, because here is not his death is you dead, although you will eventually fall!

For a fighting game, the operation of the hvà or not directly determines the success of such games! The use of the virtual rocker with the khung of buttons, with the joystiông xã to lớn control the action of the characters is quite smooth, as the skill ibé kích thước is moderate, with cđại bại khổng lồ the existence of transparency and therefore will not affect the overall look & feel. Even more intimate is that players can also adjust the settings by operating the location of the keys, very user-friendly!

In addition lớn the basic movement, this action is characterized by the addition of a quiông xã roll forward, the forward movement of the displacement of these forwards, in order khổng lồ protect the players in the battle of mobility and safety! Another thing to mention is that lượt thích most games, players can make even stricter attacks by combining strokes và combinations. The most impressive sầu one is that after an action is taken, the enemy is momentarily stationary và the body is divided into lớn Two moves, stimulation & shock! Players in this one can enjoy a more fun fighting fun, but it requires everyone in the game lớn slowly explore slightly!-gamemienphi.info

Although the game"s sound is not particularly superior, but fortunately rich enough! In the player-controlled role in the fight, the sound of the impact between the swords, short và powerful shouting, the sound of the sword MISS fusion melodious background music, but also bring a good hearing impact!

"Samurai II: Vengeance" is a rare classic action game, this made a lot of bright spots. Members do not miss it.